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Portal Guide

How often is the site updated?
Changes, updates, and information display are made daily. However, not all pages are updated on a daily basis.
What type of browser and plug-ins do I need?
web browser
JAHEAIK Portal developed using technology to maximize speed, security and usability for users. For the best view JAHEAIK Portal, you are suggested to use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome latest version.
You can download the recommended browser through the following links:
Mozilla Firefox version 3 and above (Windows or Mac)
Browser Plug-Ins
Through a variety of technologies, offers you features dynamic website that is fast and easy to use. The following plug-ins can be downloaded for free and can help you use the services offered in the Portal:
Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or higher - for viewing documents Adobe Acrobat PDF
Macromedia Flash version 7 and above - for playing video and animation
Windows Media Player - to play audio and video file format Changing the display size of text and listen to the reading text
For some visitors Portal JAHEAIK may have a different size font than normal. If this happens, the configuration of the Web browser may have changed. To obtain the corresponding text display configuration, you can use the following functions:
icons lighting
? Enlarge text size
Reset text size
? ? Decrease text size
? Change the color of text
JAHEAIK trying our best to make this Portal to standard criteria set out by the World Wide Web Consortium and always accessible from any network. But the JAHEAIK also get along if you find any errors when browsing JAHEAIK Portal. Therefore, if you have access to information issues in JAHEAIK Portal, please contact us at JAHEAIK (at) or via the feedback form.
How to download PDF / PowerPoint?
NRE has many documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) and PowerPoint at room Media library . To read or print documents using PDF format you need Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free on the Web page Adobe .
Similarly, if you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint on the computer, you can still read the material provided using the PowerPoint Viewer. The software can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Web site.
How do I search for ...?
Use Search Engine JAHEAIK an easy step to find the information you want.
JAHEAIK Search Engine supports the use of Wildcards and Boolean operators when performing a search.
You can use examples like this format when performing a search:
  • recitations *
The search will list any information containing the keyword tilawah
Boolean Operators
You can use the words AND, OR, parenthesis, =,>, <, <=,> =
Here is a sample format you can use:
  • (Wedding AND siam)
Boolean operators allow you to narrow the scope of the search to a more specific subject.
What if I still can not find the desired information?
Given the diversity of information and format documents contained in JAHEAIK Portal, you might find difficulty in finding the information you want. There are several ways that can help you by using the Map page , drop down filter for Directory and Download.
Security and Privacy Policy
The portal has a number of policies and the copyright notice , which describes the terms of use of information and material contained in the portal JAHEAIK.
Privacy Policy describes how JAHEAIK protect the information you have shared in JAHEAIK Portal.
If you have any concerns about security procedures surf JAHEAIK email to JAHEAIK (at)
Terms and Conditions of Use Portal JAHEAIK
Use JAHEAIK Portal is subject to the Privacy Policy .
What should I do if I find any links that do not work?
JAHEAIK apologize if you find a link that does not work when Portal JAHEAIK. Any assistance you provide to report a link that does not work so that corrections can be made highly appreciated.
, Webmail JAHEAIK and Citizens JAHEAIK
Only citizens JAHEAIK granted access rights using the User ID and Password to log into the Portal JAHEAIK, JAHEAIK and Intranet Webmail JAHEAIK.




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